Bachelorette Party Boat

Come and enjoy your bachelorette party on board a Catamaran in Isla Mujeres.

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Celebrate your Bachelorette Party on a Private Boat in Cancun

We are always looking for the most fun and original idea to make that bachelorette party unique. Celebrate your bachelorette party on a private boat in Cancun will be the best experience!

So make your bridal shower something beyond the usual. The transition from being single to marriage symbolizes the strong commitment to respect, and live together with one’s partner. Although sometimes it is misunderstood that you will no longer be able to go out dancing, travel with your friends or hang out with them. Therefore, it does not mean that you will leave your friends to dedicate yourself 100 percent to your partner. 

The bachelorette party is a perfect excuse to have that girls day that every woman needs. And the best way to make that day special and unforgettable is to live a different, and new experience for everyone on board a private catamaran. 

A good party starts with your best friends. 

We offer you a unique trip without external disturbances. We depart from Cancun or the Riviera Maya with your ladies friends. Enjoy from 4 hours aboard a comfortable and luxury ship with open bar, and snacks. Choose the perfect yacht or catamaran from our extensive fleet. You can also select a special decoration and a bachelorette kit with swimsuit, cap or thermos to remember that moment. Ask for the different swimsuit models.

Time shared among girls friends produces a feeling of wellness that improves mental, and emotional state. It is not replaced by any time shared with your partner or family. Thus, by doing it on an exclusive boat with your closest friends, everyone will relax, have fun and act natural without the influence of other people. 

In addition, the ocean is a natural and beautiful place to break away from stress, and let yourself flow to the rhythm of the waves. Enjoy half or full day aboard a comfortable and luxury ship.

The itinerary is up to you. Visit Isla Mujeres, relax at beach club, explore different reefs… and we put the first bottle of champagne on our own!

Whatever you have in mind, you can experience it with us!

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Isla Mujeres aerial view with a catamaran on the north side of the island